Why OnyyaOrganic?

Did you know that there is a fruit that combines the benefits of wine and green tea? Chokeberry is the inspiration for the creation of OnyyaOrganic, both in the context of the company name as well as our unique range and care for the flavour and freshness of each product. The vision and mission of our company are synonymous with the irreplaceable substances encapsulated in these small fruits.

The leader in antioxidative tests among fruit, free from all types of pollutants and finally: a product safe for consumption even in its raw form. It is one of the best natural substances to combat civilisation diseases. Chokeberry supports your immune system, protects the organism against cancers, hypertension, atherosclerosis, stroke, and supports combating diabetes. It is an invaluable remedy for all types of problems with skin, hair and nails.

Thanks to the unique processes, we provide products that offer their natural nutritional values, undisturbed composition of microingredients and vitamins and natural aroma and flavour over a long period of time.

OnyyaOrganic is something more than a brand.

It means the philosophy of living in harmony with nature.
It means the freshness and quality of the product range with guaranteed satisfaction.
It means careful control over a thoroughly planned production process.
It means the guarantee of irreplaceable flavour and preservation of vitamins.
It means a tangible symbol of health and vitality every day.

We conduct the processing and preservation of our assortment with the utmost care.
Our products do not lose their valuable nutrients.

Through our involvement and consistency, we want to respond to the ever-growing demands of the market and our customers in promoting a healthy and long life.

Our range only includes products from organic cultures.

We focus on the most important parameters of cooperation.

Product quality
Ecological production process
Supply flexibility
Comprehensiveness of service

Product quality

– is the most important parameter our company delivers. During the production process, the fruits processed are subject to continuous control and selection, and only the best are provided to our customers.

Supply flexibility

– we respond to all needs expressed by our customers. By controlling each and every stage in the supply chain, we know what is happening with the product, from the moment it is ordered until it is picked up by the customer.

Ecological production process

– we follow all guidelines related to organic production, which is confirmed by the certification held by ourselves and our partners.

Comprehensiveness of service  

– we provide our customers with assistance at every stage of cooperation, we advise on the purchase of products, methods of their packaging and transport. We also offer the possibility of preparing selected products for the individual needs of each customer.

We export our products around the world.

North and South America